Run by two Scottish ADHDers and a pile of volunteers, the ADHD Hub hosts an online ADHD Party every Friday evening; you can also take part in working groups; a craft group and you can also connect with some coaches and other support.

“A life on your own with ADHD isn’t easy at the best of times.  That’s why we at the ADHD Hub created a space where people from all walks of life can come and find a community of like-minded people.  Whether you’d like to connect at a world-wide party, or find some accountability buddies to help you get those little jobs done, we at ADHD Hub are here for you.”


ADHD Unlocked was founded in 2020 by two ADHDers and is a UK membership site that offers live weekly webinars; private members groups (WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack); lunchtime ‘recaps’; email motivation & planning; Wednesday Zoom meetups; weekly “Smash It!” sessions and a resource library.

“The ADHD Unlocked membership is a unique programme of support. This is a truly different strategy, specifically tailored to your ADHD. We help you better understand your ADHD brain, and identify how it may be getting in the way of achieving what you want in life and becoming your best self.”


Founded by an ADHDer for the global ADHD community, FLEX YOUR ADHD is a collective of independent content creators. So if you have an idea or article you would like to write, this is the place to contact. They also have a Slack community where you can connect with ADHDers from around the world.

“The Slack channel will serve as a safe space for our community to share and learn from each other while also inspiring, directing, and sometimes even writing our site’s content.”


Created in 2020 by and ADHDer, and with over 11k followers on Twitter already. Think Divergent is a fast-growing online (Discord) community for divergent minds.

“This is a dedicated space for the most brilliant minds from all over the world to connect, learn, to master their superpowers, to turn dreams into reality, and, most importantly, to change the world for the better.”


free fortnightly support group for women from all over the world who have or suspect they have ADHD. ADHD and Women are also on Twitter.

“Our Peer to Peer Support Group meetings have been running since the beginning May 2021 and are facilitated by Donnalea Barber (Life and ADHD Coach) and Joanne Norris, Ed.D, (ADHD Educator and ADHD & ASC Coach). Come and join our safe place for sharing, helping one another and getting advice from our ADHD Women Project Team.”