Technology can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand there are an increasing number of apps etc. to help us organise our day-to-day living but on the otherhand we can get so sucked in to our technology that it becomes a huge distraction or sometimes even, an addiction. Some studies have shown that ADHDers are more at risk of developing dependencies on video games. 

“To prevent technology from taking over one’s life, it is important to delegate media-free times and media-free zones to set limits on media use. People with ADHD can also use software and apps to schedule times to have tablets and other devices shut down automatically and use the “do not disturb” function to avoid interruptions during media-free times.” – Psycom (ADHD & Technology)

Blue Light

“Not all colors of light have the same effect. Blue wavelengths—which are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood—seem to be the most disruptive at night. And the proliferation of electronics with screens, as well as energy-efficient lighting, is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, especially after sundown.”

BlockBlueLight shares eight simple ways you can improve your sleep and health by minimising blue light”

ADHD & Addiction

As ADHDers we are at greater risk of addiction problems. This could be substance abuse, video games, porn, food etc. The reasons for this can be found in the article below.

Because of our increased vulnerability we have to be really cautious in our use of technology and make sure it is a help not a hindrance. 

Time Timer

“Time blindness refers to the inability to gauge the passage of time. The ability to estimate how long a task will take is affected. The ability to sense time is also off.” – Black Girl Lost Keys

“Time Blindness is the terminology we use for the executive function challenges many of us face when it comes to managing our time.”

“Unlike traditional timers that fail to make the abstract concept of time concrete, the award-winning Time Timer’s visual depiction of “time remaining” provides stress-free time management at work, school and home to make every moment count.”


“Time blasts—or timed working intervals—aren’t just a fun way for boosting your productivity. It turns out they’re recommend by a number of experts as a good approach for tackling time management for ADHD.” –


“Technology has allowed ADHD intervention to take place in the home and even at school and may allow for individualisation of treatment, improved access to care and early intervention.”

ADHD and dyslexia are known to frequently co-exist together.


I found this video incredibly interesting. He mentions so many apps that I had no idea about. He has ADHD himself so they are all tried and tested.


Assistive Technology that could be useful for ADHDers:

  • “Owaves is a holistic calendar designed to optimize your circadian rhythm. Plan meals, exercise, and sleep into your day. Download now on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch” (An Android version will be available soon) –

  • “Ayoa is a fun all-in-one online whiteboard and mind mapping app where you can brainstorm ideas, work together and get things done” –

  • “Award-winning task management tool, transforms your to-do list into tasks you can plan, organize and manage.” –

  • “A full-featured mind mapping and brainstorming tool, designed to generate ideas, inspire creativity, brings efficiency both in work and life. Millions and millions of people love it.” –

  • “Combine handwriting, photos and typing in a single note to bring your projects to life. Use a wide range of note-taking and sketching tools to capture every detail. You can even add and annotate PDFs in Notability. It’s the perfect place to create and organize work, school, and life’s information!” –