Shannon Stone is an ADHDer and Master Herbalist who specialises in the holistic treatment of ADHD (she is the only one that she knows of). Shannon Stone and her family live a nomadic lifestyle in the US alongside their two dogs and a parrot, and she offers online consultations to clients world-wide. You can book an appointment with her and read her blog on her website, she is also on Instagram and you can find her videos on her Facebook page.


Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer & ADHDer, Sarah Meharg has created Mood Lifter. This is a bespoke service that combines personal training and Occupational Therapy to “create routines, habits and overcome barriers such as health conditions or low motivation”. She also offers a Corporate Wellbeing service to “ensure that your company is helping it’s employees flourish”. Sarah is based in England but offers 1:1 sessions and her HITT of Mindfulness online.