I have always struggled with eating. I have lived off convenience food my entire life with the temporary exceptions when I decide I’m going to make a change. Inevitably this starts with the idea that I shall start eating healthier then my mind goes ‘Right we are gonna need to get tooled up for this!’ The laptop gets fired up and I’m doing a virtual supermarket sweep across the internet. I feel I’ll need to get new kitchenware, knives, pans etc. Oh aye, and there is always that new gadget that will turn my life around and make everything so much easier. Of course, what’s happening is I’m now distracted by the dopamine rush I’m getting from expectation. There lies a problem, the dopamine is released from the expectation. When you actually receive these goods you craved over, the rush is no longer there and you’ve blasted all yer money and added more shite to take up room on the kitchen worktop. Just another guilt trophy sat there annoying you every time you go to boil the kettle for your pot noodle you’re going to have to have for dinner as you spunked all your food money and needless accessories.

Ironically I’m writing this to actually advise buying a kitchen gadget (though you’ll probably have one. A blender is what I’m talking about. I got one off Amazon for a score and it comes with two bottles. You just chuck all your healthy bits in the bottle, stick it on the base and done. I clean it in the same way, hot water a wee dod of fairy and fire it back on, done and ready for the next one. So why? Well, as I said I struggle to get any decent food into me. I don’t think I ate anything green well into my 20’s. I’m in my 40’s now and I’m absolutely done in. I’ve been on statins since my late 30’s, my mental health has been terrible and it’s time once again to make that change.

This isn’t going to be a diet to go on and meant to be something to stick with, no, this is just backup for the times when you can’t be bothered, don’t have the time, energy or money to cook and prepare proper meals. In the same time it takes to boil the kettle and make a coffee in the morning, you can grab some cheap frozen fruit out the freezer, bang it in the blender with all those nasty tasting healthy green things, seeds, some oats and some milk of your choice (they make milk fae anything now). That’s it, you’ve already got the oats to give you energy to start your day, the protein to repair and the vitamins to stop you from dying. In true ADHD fashion, I’ve been seeing what else you can fire in them. Beans! Aye, like kidney beans and allsorts. Boak! I know, but honestly, the fruit hides the taste and they are actually quite nice and you’re getting fibre, which is something I’ve always been lacking in, moral and otherwise.

After a few days you will already feel so much better. Your energy levels will rise along with a boost in your mood. I do plan on doing a few recipes to put up, but let’s face it, we aren’t the best people at following recipes. As a basic guideline, I’d recommend using oats (instant ones apparently are best to use uncooked in smoothies). I just eyeball an amount I think will do the job. Fruit, either frozen or tinned. Then I change up between things like kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumber and I add a bag of mixed seeds to most of them. If you fancy it you can try adding tinned cooked beans like kidney, black beans etc.

At least if you have two or three of these a day you’ll be getting the nutrients you need and you’ll have the energy to make a proper meal at least once too. Even if not and all you can face making is smoothies, then well it’s still gonna be better for you than shovelling pies in your face. So if you also struggle with getting decent food into you perhaps gie this a try for a week or two and share any tips, recipes etc. in the comments.

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