Procrastination Station now has a full Board of Directors – who each bring their own unique ADHD experience and skillset to the company. We are having our first Board Meeting this weekend to discuss some of the many exciting things that are happening, which I will go into shortly. We will also create a Meet Our Team page at some point with some further info about us all, but for now, here is a list of all those on board:

  • Clair Simpson (Co-founder & Director)

  • Jamie Cameron (Co-founder & Director)

  • Wennie Cloughley (Director)

  • Carla Henison (Director)

  • Ashleigh Gorman (Administrator)

Carla, Wennie and Clair (myself) will all be fully Certified ADHD Coaches having trained with the International ADHD Coach Training Center in America. Carla will finish her course later this year and Wennie and I are just about to start next month. This means that Procrastination Station will have (from what I have been able to see, please correct me if I’m wrong) the only fully certified ADHD coaches working in Scotland. In time, this means we will be offering a mix of online, in-person, 1:1, and group coaching. Our website, which we are currently looking into getting redesigned professionally, will contain an online booking system for this.


The new website will also have an online shop containing unique Procrastination Station merchandise and resources, including our ADHD Cookbook, which we are currently working on. We want the cookbook to be something totally different that really suits how ADHDers work. We don’t want yet another book to sit on our shelves unused. With our ADHD brains and their amazing ability for divergent thinking and creativity, I am confident we will come up with something special. Remember, we are looking for contributions to the cookbook, so get in touch if you have something you would like to share.


By far the biggest project we are working on right now is our pilot scheme partnership with the NHS. I have just completed the first draft of the proposal for how this will work and I’m meeting up with the ASD & ADHD Resource Team in Edinburgh next week to discuss it. I have had a few really useful meetings with a couple of Occupational Therapists who work with ADHDers. It has been great to get their professional perspective. I would love to see more OTs involved in ADHD and that is something I will definitely be bringing up at our meeting with Daniel Johnson MSP later this month. I think a combination of Occupational Therapy and ADHD Coaching would be a perfect partnership and I’m looking forward to being able to highlight that in our forthcoming pilot scheme.


In order to fund this pilot scheme, we will be applying for The National Lottery’s Awards For All grant. After an initial phone conversation with them, they seemed really positive that our project would be a “good fit”. We have also applied to Unltd for an additional grant to fund the professional redesign of our website and the compilation and publishing of our ADHD Cookbook. However, I have just been told that if we are successful we won’t hear until 13th December. Everything seems to take so long – which really doesn’t suit my impatient ADHD brain. However, there is plenty to keep us occupied until then.

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